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Deep Offshore Technology

About Us


Deep Offshore Technology Company Established in 2005 that by employing of skilled experts & experienced engineers and providing offshore high-tech equipment besides of special purposes vessels has provided modern corporate infrastructure and designed the Company Organization Potentialities Knowledge accordingly and Carry to fulfill the following activities during its safe and high quality offshore projects:

  • - Engineering of every kinds of Offshore Jackets and Topsides Platform
  • - Load out, Transportation and installation of every kinds of Offshore Jackets and Topsides Platform
  • - Engineering of Offshore Pipe & Cable laying operations
  • - Execution of Offshore Pipe & Cable laying Projects
  • - Inspection and Repair on Offshore Cable, Pipeline and Structures
  • - Commissioning , Management & Navigation of different kinds of Offshore vessels


Deep Offshore Technology Company on reliance to the company gained Knowledge and valuable experiences established Research & Development Department(R & D) in offshore activities with continuous studies & intelligent activities that would be an internationally well Known Company which updates and grows in aspects of software and hardware in global development maintain Company Knowledge and keep the chief precursor policy of the company.


Customer Orientation, loyalty, transparency in communication with stakeholders, fortification of cooperation spirit in organization, constituents’ solidarity, creative interactions, alacrity & plasticity in Servicing and also Participatory Management, are the Company Values with full respect to Environment Protection and believing in Job Quality.

Deep Offshore Technology

Five years Oversight

Deep Offshore Technology Company carries out the agreement signed current projects including “Load out, Transportation and Installation of 12 units Offshore Topside Structures and 7 units Offshore Tripod Jacket Structure.

IOOC & POGC are the related mentioned offshore structure Clients and planned to be installed on South Pars & Reshadat Oil & Gas Fields-Persian Gulf- Iran.

Proper observance and consideration of Job Quality, Personnel Health, Safety and Environmental Protection and requirements is the company Policy. Moreover DOT plans to attend in Local & International tenders to gain new projects, to secure and grow the Company’s Positive Financial Balance based on the beneficiates of the stockholders and heeding the gains of the Clients. Furthermore it aims to identify and attract the potential customers for future projects.

Scope of Work

  • - Concentration to Carry out the Current projects which includes Engineering, Load Out , Transportation & Installation of Agreed Offshore Structures, and also Cable and Pipe Laying operations
  • - Planning to grow on the new Filed Activity of Offshore Structures Repair and Maintenance involving all related Engineering, Technical Services
  • - Attempt on the Overseas Projects tenders based on its Holding Company’s General Policy
  • - Fulfill the Projects with highest Standards of Quality, Health and safety and especial respect to the Sea Environments Protection necessities.
  • - Perusal & Investigation to grow on the modern renewable energy field and Services